Ultima Thule Technology Ltd

Industry Profiling

Industry profiling by Ultima Thule provides you with incredibly detailed information that will help you to identify whether your technology and your Internet presence compares to that of your competition. As well as giving you this information Ultima Thule is in a position to be able to help you act on the findings of this industry profiling.

  • Mapping and Geographical Modelling
  • Data Modelling and Analysis
  • Regional and Geographical Adoption

For more information on how Ultima Thule can help you with a comprehensive range of services which have been developed to help protect and grow your business then please contact us.

  • Research

    During every stage of planning and maintenance for your business, you will find that you are highly dependent on the use of accurate and timely data.

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  • Consultancy

    There are a number of aspects to running a business that some companies simply do not have the time or the expertise to complete themselves. However, without some of these core areas, businesses may suffer.

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  • Software

    Software is an invaluable part of the IT infrastructure within any business. While there are software packages available from most shops and over the Internet, most of these off the shelf options simply don't have the right level of functionality to provide true worth to a company.

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  • Oracle
  • NHS
  • Lancaster ICT
  • Infolab21
  • Lancashire Rose
  • Growth Accelerator
  • Technology Means Business